in the crisper

When you bring your greens home, check the root pot to see if it is moist. If it’s starting to dry out, give the pot a drink of water and place back into its bag. Then, place your greens in your fridge (preferably in your crisper).


Water the pot approx 1 time per week or when its starting to dry out for longer life, enjoy!

on the counter

For quick access to graze your yummy greens you can leave it on the counter! Place the leafy greens in a glass or vase with water half way up the root pot.


Replace the water every 2 to 3 days and pick off leaves as you go while you enjoy the beauty of the vibrant leaves.

lock in freshness

When you use your Inspired Leaves, look out for the “Open Here” tab in the bottom right hand corner.

Our containers use resealable film to lock in the freshness.

Click here for demonstration video.

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The Star Group
whole leaf
The Star Group
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